Jackson Philatelic Society

Program Events Calendar:

MonthEventPerson PresentingDate PresentationComments
June, 21Coins and Stamps of IndiaShashidhar Surakanti06-19-21 
July, 21The Hernes Head Issue of GreeceDr. John Colonias07-17-21 
Aug, 21Stamps of IndiaShashidhar Surakanti08-21-21 
Sept, 21Portugal (Europe)Dr. K. R. Rao09-18-21 
Oct,21Sudan (Africa)Dr. K. R. Rao10-16-21 
Nov, 21Chile (South America)Dr. K. R. Rao11-20-21 
Dec, 21Israel (Mid-East)Dr. K. R. Rao12-18-21