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JUNE 2021 Newsletter of Jackson Philatelic Society (JPS) Volume 52, Number 6

JUNE 9 2021

Acting President Dr. K. R. Rao, Vice President will be conducting the JPS meetings from June through October 2021 in the absence of President Colonel Eckhard Stuart who will be at his summer cottage at Mancos, Colorado. We are hoping that Colonel Stuart will be able to participate in the JPS monthly meetings via Zoom.

We are now able to have our “in-person” meetings at HTSM Community Hall, thanks to HTSM Board for permitting this, proviso all of the attendees follow the CDC guidelines to wear facemasks and maintain social distancing during the meeting.

Zoom meeting is facilitated to only outstation members and those unable to attend the monthly meeting due to unforeseen reasons. An email to the President should mention their inability to attend “in-person” at least three days prior to the meeting. President will then communicate the request to Zoom Coordinator to accommodate their request. On a regular basis outstation members Kalahasti and Meduri families of San Jose, CA and Vedala family who are normally on business trips on Saturdays will be attending by Zoom Meetings. JPS thanks Vijay Vedala and Lokanath Polepalli, HTSM board member for the technical set up.

Colonel Eckhard Stuart made a “Presentation of The German States” which he narrated with a historical and political evolution of German stamps which was very well received. A copy of this presentation is provided as a link to this JPS website.

There was an auction setup by Karl Schoek, Treasurer JPS and Usha Kalahasti, CA who donated the proceeds to JPS. Attendees participated in the bidding process with enthusiasm.

Membership Dues

If you have not paid your 2021 membership dues, please send your check made out to JPS to the JPS treasurer, P. O. Box 16792, Brandon, MS 39236-6792. Dues are $ 5.- for individuals and $ 10 for families.

JPS Website (https://jacksonphilatelicsociety.org)

JPS website has been considerably enlarged to have the following links: Current Members, JPS Forms, JPS Newsletter and Monthly Presentations. In addition to the JPS Mission Statement, Program Events Calendar, Venue Details, Map and Contact Persons (Office Bearers) are also listed at the JPS web site.

Thanks to Colonel Eckhard Stuart, Dr. KR Rao, Dr. Indira Rao and Web Master Vijay Vedala whose efforts are appreciated. All JPS members are invited to provide comments and inputs to make this JPS “dynamic” to reflect the aspirations of JPS as noted in the “Mission Statement” of the “Founders of JPS”.

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be on June 19 at 10:00 am at the Hindu Temple, 173 Vernon Jones Avenue, Brandon, MS. The program will be presented by Shashidhar Surakanti to cover India stamps of mostly after and few before independence. The princely state collection of India will include coins and currency notes.